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Visual inspection is a routine and crucial activity that takes place throughout the entire lifetime of all fixed wing aircraft, from manufacturing to sustainment. Inspections can take place for any number of reasons — from routine maintenance to damage assessment due to unplanned incidents during operation.

Because of the importance placed on safety and proper risk management, all aircraft spend many hours, or even days, undergoing inspection to ensure they continuously meet stringent requirements and are certified for flight. As a result, inspection makes up a substantial portion of the ongoing cost of operation.

NGRAIN offers complete solutions that can expedite inspections throughout the entire MRO lifecycle, and ultimately improve the accuracy, reliability, and objectivity of reported results.

  • Accurate, reliable, and objective

    Minimize reliance on subjective judgments in all aspects of the inspection process.

  • Expedite routine inspections

    Reduce the manual labor involved in conducting inspections.

  • Reduce sustainment costs

    Improve the ratio of hours spent in flight to time spent in maintenance.

  • Identify issues early

    Catch and address concerns before they become expensive to fix.

  • Spot every concern

    Find potential issues that could be overlooked in a manual inspection.

How it works


Take accurate, high resolution scans of aircraft using a 3D scanner. Fully automated options are available for a complete, hands-free setup.


NGRAIN automatically identifies and measures damage, such as dents caused by hail exposure or holes caused by lightning strikes.


Maintainers receive accurate damage locations, width and depth measurements, and analytics to support aircraft MRO.

Hail Damage Assessment

Unforeseen dents and dings caused to fixed wing aircraft that have been exposed to hail add up to a considerable expense in aircraft MRO. Only NGRAIN offers inspection technology that enables even the most minor damage to be detected and measured (e.g. shallow dents, or potential damage less than 1mm in diameter), surpassing the results of manual inspections or even the techniques employed in metrology circles today.

Lightning Strike Damage

Inspecting aircraft for damage following a storm continues to be a visual inspection challenge for maintainers. NGRAIN can equip maintainers with the capability to automatically identify potential damage due to direct lightning strikes, including isolating and determining the severity of damage to aircraft, such as the presence of holes and their entry/exit points, ensuring that all damage has been properly identified and assessed.

Why work with NGRAIN?

NGRAIN has a strong 15+ year history in the aerospace world, working with many of the most prominent aerospace and aviation companies in the industry. NGRAIN solutions have enabled maintainers in 27 countries around the world to save time, improve quality, and ensure that MRO activities are done right the first time.

  • Problem-focused, value-driven

    Working with you, we ensure we only deliver capabilities that result in real business value.

  • History of success

    Deployed in demanding environments with organizations that include all branches of the US Department of Defense, Lockheed Martin, Boeing, General Dynamics, and many others.

  • Fully objective, AI-based assessment

    Only NGRAIN offers technology that combines 3D and AI to facilitate accurate, fully objective inspections without dependencies on CAD or reference nominals.

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