Gabe Batstone, CEO

Congratulations to Metaio! These are exciting times for AR, as you can see from all the buzz around Apple’s recent acquisition of Metaio. The attention this news is receiving is not surprising, given the ripple effects this will have to everyone from developers, content creators, and large enterprises who are testing and deploying AR applications. It has left Metaio’s community of 100,000+ developers with more questions than answers about the future of their SDK and Creator.

While several companies have thrown their name in the hat, comparing their offerings to Metaio’s tool set, the truth is that there are many variables in AR deployment and it is important to choose the right partner to face this challenge beside you. NGRAIN not only provides a point-and-click AR content-development and deployment tool called Vergence but also has a long history of working alongside Global 2000 companies in the development of AR and VR applications.

A lot of people are saying that Apple’s acquisition of Metaio further validates the AR market, and that is certainly true, but there are companies out there who, like NGRAIN, have been quietly proving the business case for years. We are working with organizations like Lockheed Martin, Cenovus, and Raytheon to put AR capability in the hands of thousands of users. Our tools are deployed in 27 countries around the world. These companies have seen for years that AR can create real value for their business.

As with any new technology, the process for creating and deploying applications across the enterprise is a journey that requires finding the right partner to help you through the process. NGRAIN offer options for individuals and organizations at any stage of the journey – from experimentation, to trial deployments, to full enterprise transformation.

The AR market is moving quickly, and in the wake of Apple’s recent move to acquire Metaio, we invite you get in touch with NGRAIN today if you are in search of AR expertise, products, and advice. We are here to help.