NGRAIN’s mission is to help businesses make better decisions faster through interaction with the world’s data in 3D.

By creating innovative interactive 3D technologies that empower decision makers in the most challenging markets around the world, NGRAIN is building a world where the enterprise workforce is always connected to the right data at the right place and at the right time. Through augmented reality, virtual reality, and large-scale 3D visualization, NGRAIN products and technology enable enterprises to “see beyond reality” and empower their specialists in the field to make decisions on-the-spot, maximize the operational uptime of their industrial assets, and eliminate costly mistakes.


NGRAIN was founded in 2000 to make 3D computer graphics accessible to everyone and as a way to see and share knowledge. Today, thousands of people use NGRAIN every day around the world, including high performance teams at some of the most diverse organizations on the planet, including Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, Microsoft, the US and Canadian governments, R&D labs, schools, and universities.

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We believe that business is really all about people and relationships. At NGRAIN, we hire people who are intellectually curious, agile, and determined. Though we come from many different walks of life, everyone at NGRAIN shares a common vision to help businesses take advantage of the power of interactive 3D to “see beyond reality.” From regularly scheduled “hack days” to giving everyone every other Friday off, we maintain the open and innovative culture typically associated with a startup so we can foster the development of products and technologies that are consistently bold, elegant, and inspired.

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The NGRAIN name comes from the company’s core 3D technology, which is based on voxels (3D pixels). Just as many of grains of sand can be built into a sand castle with real dimension and depth, NGRAIN’s core technology represents data through billions of discrete points that come together to form a solid, physical whole. Unlike traditional computer graphics, NGRAIN technology fully represents objects as they naturally exist in the real world, all the way from surface to core.

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