Over the years, it has been very rewarding for us to see how NGRAIN’s projects with many colleges and universities have borne fruit: from providing students and teachers with interactive 3D learning tools at BCIT, to enabling researchers to develop new “bare-hand volume cracking” techniques at Virginia Tech, and helping evaluate the use of interactive 3D models in conceptual learning, through a Master’s thesis at Carlton University. But the most recent student project we supported at Algonquin College may be the most heart-warming one yet!

In June 2014, an interdisciplinary team of students and professors from Algonquin College will be heading to Tanzania to deliver two education programs: Helping Babies Breathe (HBB) and Helping Children Thrive (HCT). The HBB program aims to improve on the World Health Organization’s estimate that one million babies die each year from inability to breathe immediately after delivery.

The Algonquin College paramedic and nursing students involved in the HBB program will be helping educate local birth attendants how to administer proper neonatal care and resuscitation in an effort to reduce Tanzania’s exceptionally high newborn mortality rate. As part of the education process, the students will be using an augmented reality demonstration they designed themselves with NGRAIN Augmented Reality.

The project has already been implemented in Nigeria, Haiti, DR Congo, Mexico, Bangladesh and several other countries with incredible success.

The students have been actively raising funds for their trip with bake sales, books, DVD and CD sales, raffles, silent auctions and some amazing support from local Ottawa businesses. We encourage you to support this worthy cause and the dedicated students who are involved in it! You can donate by clicking here, then for search Algonquin College Foundation, click “Donate Now” and select “Breath of Life- Tanzania 2014″ for your Fund Designation selection.

For most recent updates, follow the students on their Breath of Life mission on Facebook and Twitter.