The most accurate hail appraisal solution. Close claims in record time.

1. Scan a vehicle

Instead of counting dents by hand, take accurate, high-resolution scans of vehicles using a 3D scanner.

2. AI-based analysis

HailSense uses NGRAIN’s expert AI to automatically analyze the scan, finding and assessing the severity of all hail damage.

3. Objective estimates

Appraisers receive accurate dent counts, measurements, and estimates. Claim reports can be automatically generated.

Objective auto hail damage appraisal

HailSense is the only mobile solution that works on every vehicle, providing 100% objective, accurate estimates backed by NGRAIN’s expert AI.

  • Only pay the right amount every time

    Get AI-based estimates more accurate than any done by hand, avoiding "claims inflation" and other costly mistakes.

  • Works on any vehicle

    Only NGRAIN offers a solution that works on every vehicle make and model, regardless of configuration, color, or material.

  • Complete digital audit trail

    3D scans of vehicles are better than photos, and can be used to support claims, address disputes, and help prevent fraud.

A complete solution

NGRAIN provides all the hardware and software you need to enable a complete appraisal workflow. Metrology-grade 3D scanning technology resolves even the faintest of dents. Scan data and estimates are available through a secure interface that runs in any modern Web browser. Best of all, HailSense is completely portable — no towing trailers or bulky rigs from site-to-site.

Straight to claim

Dent counts, sizes, locations, estimates, and other appraisal data can be sent directly from HailSense to your claims management or underwriting systems. Instead of waiting days or weeks, HailSense is capable of providing estimates on demand, with same-day or same-session turnaround depending on your needs.

Appraise with confidence

HailSense uses NGRAIN’s AI platform to generate completely unbiased, objective estimates. Using sophisticated deep learning techniques and a unique neural net architecture developed by NGRAIN, HailSense finds damage that could be hard to see with the naked eye and easily missed in a routine appraisal. Easy-to-learn and easy-to-use, HailSense enables anyone to appraise hail damage like an expert.

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