100% objective, accurate appraisals of automotive hail damage

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Insurance adjusters, appraisers, and catastrophe teams can use NGRAIN’s expert AI to automatically and accurately appraise vehicles for damage due to hail exposure. Point-accurate 3D scans of customer vehicles are created, enabling a digital audit trail that supports submitted claims, objectively resolves disputes, and helps prevent fraud.

Damage caused by hail is digitally marked and measured with sub-millimetre accuracy. Appraisal estimates are automatically generated, assisting your adjusters in making determinations and ensuring you only pay the right amount every time.

  • Only pay the right amount every time

    NGRAIN’s expert AI generates estimates that are 100% objective, avoiding “claims inflation” and errors commonly made in appraisals done by hand.

  • A predictable inspection workflow

    Reduce the manual labor involved in conducting damage appraisals, and reliably predict how much time you will spend with each customer.

  • Maintain a digital audit trail

    3D scans of customer vehicles can be used to support claim submissions, address disputes, and help prevent fraud.

  • Works on every vehicle

    Only NGRAIN offers a solution that works on every vehicle make and model, regardless of configuration, color, or material.

  • Complete backend integration and claims management

    Options to send appraisal data straight to your claims management and underwriting systems, improving the customer experience, and saving your adjusters valuable time and effort.

How it works


Take accurate, high resolution scans of vehicles using a 3D scanner. Fully automated options are available for a complete, hands-free setup.


NGRAIN automatically identifies and measures dents caused by hail exposure, including damage too hard to see with the naked eye.


Adjusters receive accurate dent counts, measurements, and calculated estimates integrated into your underwriting and claims workflow.

High-Resolution Damage Assessment

NGRAIN offers hail damage assessment solutions capable of being deployed for use in catastrophe scenarios or for use in stationary settings such as garages or repair shops. A variety of deployment options exist, from hand-held to fully automated, making it easy for teams to onboard and integrate the solution into existing appraisal workflows and claims processes.

Customer data from assessments can be hosted through integration with existing backend systems, or securely uploaded to the NGRAIN Cloud for remote analysis and review.

100% Objective Claims and Appraisals

The 3D scanners used with NGRAIN solutions provide high-resolution 3D imagery capable of measuring damage with sub-millimetre accuracy, enabling NGRAIN’s expert AI to find damage that could be hard to see with the naked eye. Using sophisticated deep learning algorithms and a unique neural net architecture, NGRAIN can objectively characterize the extent of damage done to a customer’s vehicle, capable of generating repair estimates that surpass the accuracy of conventional repair and pricing estimation techniques.

3D scan data can be processed onsite, and converted into formats suitable for export and review at a later date. Adjusters receive crucial information including dent counts, locations, and measurements, along with AI-assisted estimates and recommendations, providing all the analytics needed to properly characterize damage and make a final determination.

Why work with NGRAIN?

NGRAIN works with leading insurance providers and automotive repair businesses around the world, saving these organizations time, improving the customer experience, and ensuring every inspection is done right the first time.

  • Problem-focused, value-driven

    Working with you, we ensure we only deliver capabilities that result in real business value.

  • History of success

    Deployed in demanding environments with organizations that include all branches of the US Department of Defense, Lockheed Martin, Boeing, General Dynamics, and many others.

  • Fully objective, AI-based assessment

    Only NGRAIN offers technology that combines 3D and AI to facilitate accurate, fully objective appraisals compatible with every vehicle make and model on the market, without dependencies on CAD or reference nominals.

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