VR medical visualization using 3D displays from zSpace.

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Key Features

Create virtual 3D reconstructions of DICOM data from any modality — including CT, MRI, x-ray, angiogram, ultrasound, and nuclear scans.

Free-Hand Dissection

Look at your scan data from any viewpoint in 3D stereo and full HD resolution. Use your zSpace stylus to pick up, rotate, and slice through scan data.

Integrated 2D-3D Viewing

Choose between visualizing DICOM data as traditional image slices or as a virtually reconstructed 3D model. Measure the distance between any two points in 3D.

Bookmarks and Annotations

Any point in your scan data can be selected and annotated with text notes that can be saved for future reference.

Interactive Segmentation

Interactively refine how you visualize your data using built-in color and window level adjustment to highlight and contrast various features in your scans.


Locus provides an interactive 3D experience perfect for use in a classroom, lab, or clinical environment.

Share and Communicate

Locus makes it easy to identify diagnostically relevant areas of interest that might otherwise be difficult to see using traditional means.

Collaborate with Colleagues

Integrated annotation capabilities let you bookmark, reference, and share areas of interest with others. Use multiple 3D glasses so several people can consult together.

Facilitate Knowledge Retention

Reinforce learning objectives and facilitate the retention of difficult diagnostic concepts. Compare and contrast scan data in both 2D and 3D.

All-in-One Package

Everything you need to visualize medical scan data is available with your purchase of NGRAIN Locus with a zSpace hardware package.

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