A central and oft-repeated value proposition of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is delivering the right information to the right decision-maker at the right time to facilitate better business outcomes. Indeed, informed decision-making that improves overall performance (such as lower energy usage) or heads off an incident that can interrupt production (such as mechanical failure) are essential deliverables for solutions enabled by the IIoT.

But perhaps even more compelling are those solutions that allow the execution of never-before-possible business processes that bring entirely new value to industrial organizations. Enabled by the smarter devices, converged networks and scalable services platforms of the IIoT, solution providers are delivering tangible beneļ¬ts in all three categories of business across the industrial landscape.

In this article, Barry Po, NGRAIN Director of Product Management provides further insight into leveraging the benefits of the IIoT through the application of augmented and virtual reality technologies. Read the article.

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