NGRAIN’s head of product and business development, Barry Po, will be speaking at an Augmented Reality for the Enterprise event hosted by SAP Startup Focus in Palo Alto on March 22:

Augmented reality is a cutting edge technology fast becoming the differentiator for enterprise customers looking to dislodge competition. The field of augmented reality continues to make leaps as enterprises turn to new technologies to drive new value with their customers.

Gartner indicates:

  • Augmented reality represents opportunities to complement and enhance enterprise processes by offering new ways to visualize problems and solutions
  • AR market growth will be driven by enterprise competitiveness in retail, sports & entertainment, industrial, and automobile fields
  • By 2020,  augmented reality revenue is forecasted to hit $90 billion
  • Growth projections for enterprise category: CAGR to top 54% through 2020

We invite you to attend this Innovation Session to explore today’s augmented reality technologies unlocking tomorrow’s business opportunities. Join us together with SAP startups and thought leaders from around the augmented reality ecosystem to discuss the state of the market and startup technology furnishing new opportunities.

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