Chad Jackson, the Principal Analyst of Lifecycle Insights, is a recognized authority on technologies that enable engineering, including CAD, simulation, PDM and PLM. He recently published a review of NGRAIN’s technology and products, based on a briefing with the company. Below is his Recap and Summary. To read the full review, please visit:

Recap and Summary

  • NGRAIN offers three software products based on voxel technology (wikipedia definition): Constructor SDK, Producer Pro and Production Suite.
  • Producer Pro and Production Suite allow users to open 3D models from other sources, like CAD, add additional stuff to them, like notes, dimensions, animations and more, and then publish the result to a variety of formats
  • Others can consume that 3D-based documentation independently of CAD or 3D visualization tools. The resulting documentation can also be published and loaded onto tablets.
  • From a standard authoring-consumption perspective, these capabilities are fairly standard. Look at this product set if that is your objective.
  • The resulting documentation can also be overlaid onto real physical items, creating a 3D-based augmented reality (wikipedia definition) environment. A semi-transparent version of the 3D digital model is overlaid on the physical item, showing those notes, animations and more in the context of a live item.
  • Furthermore, this documentation can be connected to enterprise systems, pulling information such as inventory, delivery dates and more to further enhance the experience.
  • From an augmented reality perspective, the story here is compelling. Take a hard look at this product set if this is a current initiative or is being considered.

Full review: NGRAIN: Realizing 3D-Based Augmented Reality?