The NGRAIN Augmented Reality Builder enables enterprises to rapidly deliver 3D augmented reality applications that empower personnel in the field to make better decisions faster

Santa Clara, California (AWE 2013) – June 5, 2013 – NGRAIN® announced today the availability of the NGRAIN Augmented Reality (AR) Builder, a companion tool for NGRAIN customers creating 3D content for training, education, and support in the field. The NGRAIN AR Builder enables the rapid creation of AR applications by taking 3D content and deploying it onto camera-equipped mobile devices such as tablets at the push of a button.
Designed for organizations that are looking to create robust AR experiences for enterprise performance support and decision making, the NGRAIN AR Builder provides flexible, automated workflow for creating enterprise AR content and applications without writing a single line of code.
 “Current augmented reality experiences are primarily custom-developed and AR content creation is often a significant barrier to implementation. By leveraging NGRAIN’s years of experience in developing 3D visualizations, we are able to extend the use of interactive 3D content created for training and assessment into mobile, workplace task support content for our enterprise clients,” says Carl Byers, Vice President, Products and Business Development. “AR is a natural next step in our company’s product evolution since it builds on so many of our core technology’s strengths.”
NGRAIN’s approach to AR removes a number of the technical barriers typically associated with enterprise AR application development, increasing scalability and accelerating development through:
  • Reuse: Develop once and deploy everywhere. NGRAIN supports the intake of all major 3D file formats and allows organizations to leverage existing 3D content out of the box. Conversion into the NGRAIN 3KO format enables a single 3D data asset to be used for multiple applications including classroom training, support in the field, desktop exploration, and mobile AR applications, eliminating the need to manage multiple data formats across different deployment scenarios.
  • Reliability: Develop and deploy robust AR content. The NGRAIN AR Builder simplifies the creation and deployment of AR applications by automating the development process. Take 3D content, add AR attributes and context, then upload the prepared package onto mobile devices for deployment.
  • Flexibility: Improve functionality and efficiency. NGRAIN’s approach to AR is designed with the industrial client in mind to deliver performance support such as access to system parts and information; orders and procedures; and other essential data that enable your field workforce to perform tasks with extra ease and efficiency.
Organizations interested in the NGRAIN Augmented Reality Builder can get in touch with NGRAIN at or by sending email to
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