NGRAIN Production Suite 5.0 includes the newly released Producer Pro software

Vancouver, BC – June 26, 2012 – NGRAIN®, the leading provider of interactive 3D simulation software and solutions for maintenance training and support, today announced the introduction of NGRAIN Producer® Pro to the maintenance training and support community. Delivered as part of the NGRAIN Production Suite – a platform enabling organizations to rapidly produce powerful 3D task training and support applications – Producer Pro is an advanced authoring tool for the creation of 3D Knowledge Object™ (3KO®) simulations.

In this era of austerity and shrinking defense budgets, it’s important that we provide users with a way to create the most powerful solutions at the lowest possible cost,” says Gabe Batstone, Chief Executive Officer, NGRAIN. “With Producer Pro and our development platform, organizations can create virtual task training and support applications that make the process of sharing knowledge richer and more effective – at a much lower cost than before.”

Designed for multi-media developers, Producer Pro can also be used by Subject Matter Experts with no programming experience. It includes all the feature sets of NGRAIN’s flagship authoring tool, Producer®, with the following additional capabilities:

Fluid Flows 

Developing an understanding of fluid flows is a critical part of maintenance training: It can make the difference between correctly or incorrectly troubleshooting an equipment failure. With Producer Pro, users can set flow options such as the color, speed, and size of the flow indicators. The flows can then be included in animations, real time practice tasks, and tests. A flow that takes two weeks for an experienced 3D animator to create using a traditional tool can take two days to create using Producer Pro.

Callout Hotspots  

Callouts enrich training experiences and improve on-the-job support by providing end-users with more contextual information. With Producer Pro, animators can insert linked callouts containing hotspots that trigger an action (such as playing an animation or opening another NGRAIN 3KO) when clicked. Animators can link these callouts to any file, network location, or animations within the current 3KO.

Inverse Kinematic Animations 

In cycle of operations training, it is often a requirement to show how mechanical parts interact with each other. For example, instructors often need to demonstrate how the pistons in an engine move or how the flight controls in a helicopter operate the rotor head. Previously, only experienced 3D animators using high-end 3D tools have been able to simulate these complex part relationships, called Inverse Kinematics. With Producer Pro, animators can now follow the steps in a wizard and select the animation on which they want to base the movements, enabling them to simulate Inverse Kinematics.

Production Suite 5.0 also includes an updated Virtual Task Refresher Builder, which allows users to create Virtual Task Refresher applications in minutes.

NGRAIN’s software enhancements are fueled by input from Systems Integrators, manufacturers and the maintenance communities they serve. For more information on the NGRAIN Production Suite, visit:  http:// .




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