New organization will expand and develop Augmented Reality ecosystem

Ottawa, ON – May 19, 2015 – NGRAIN, a leader in 3D Augmented Reality solutions for industrial use, today announced that it is a Founding Sponsor member of the non-profit Augmented Reality for Enterprise Alliance (AREA). This new global member-based organization is focused on accelerating AR adoption through development and expansion of a vibrant technology ecosystem.

When integrated with enterprise systems, AR can improve workplace performance by increasing access to information in the context of the physical world. The NGRAIN industrial Augmented Reality platform accurately overlays interactive 3D content on top of objects in the real world and connects to live enterprise data sources such as ERP, CRM, PLM, and SCADA industrial control systems. Employees can familiarize themselves with the parts of a complex assembly with a simple tap, call up work orders and inventory information in real-time, and get step-by-step guidance on how to complete procedures using 3D data visualization.

The AREA’s mission is to help organizations achieve greater operational efficiencies through smooth introduction and widespread adoption of interoperable AR-enabled enterprise systems. With the participation of NGRAIN, the AREA will produce significant and measurable impacts for both AR ecosystem customers and providers. The collaborative relationship between users and providers of AR technologies is a core component of the AREA’s approach to its mission.

“The world of technology is once again on the precipice of change with the evolution of Augmented Reality, most especially as it will be used in enterprise settings. This type of disruption requires industry leaders to come together and build out the ecosystem and establish standards and principles for the technology,” said Carl Byers, Chief Strategy Officer, NGRAIN Corporation. “We’re thrilled to be part of the AREA and look forward to the work we will do to define this new industry as it continues to expand.”

“We commend our Founding Sponsors for the strong support they have provided, from the AREA’s inception through the launch process,” said Christine Perey, AREA Executive Director. “We look forward to their continuing leadership, as we work together to enable a highly functional ecosystem of AR customers, non-commercial entities and providers of core technologies, solutions and services.”

About the AREA
The mission of the Augmented Reality for Enterprise Alliance (AREA) is to help organizations achieve greater operational efficiencies through smooth introduction and widespread adoption of interoperable AR-enabled enterprise systems, and its members collaborate to deliver content and programs that further these goals. Founding Sponsor members of the AREA are thought leaders 1066 Labs Inc., APX Labs, Atheer Labs, Augmate, The Boeing Company, Bosch, CN2 Technology, DAQRI, Design Mill, Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI), IEEE Standards Association, NGRAIN, iQagent, Newport News Shipbuilding, Perey Research & Consulting, and Talent Swarm. More information about the AREA is available at or by writing to

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NGRAIN’s patented virtual reality and augmented reality software is used by leading Fortune 500 organizations in aerospace, defense, energy, healthcare, and heavy industry; transforming the way they communicate, collaborate, and understand the world around them.

Through industry-first 3D development platforms, authoring tools, and industrial applications, NGRAIN enables organizations to accelerate decisions by interacting with the world’s data in 3D.

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