Vancouver, Canada – September 24, 2013 — British Columbia Aviation Council has selected NGRAIN as the recipient of the 2013 Aviation Entrepreneur of the Year Award. The award is given annually to those that show creative leadership, deliver innovative product development, create new markets or services, or promote new cost saving solutions or revenue streams that advances BC aviation industry, all consistent with the objectives of the BC Aviation Council (BCAC).

“We are grateful to the BC Aviation Council and, especially Ken Ohrn, for their confidence and support of NGRAIN. The BCAC has been a strong supporter of NGRAIN over the years and we’re proud to be part of the thriving British Columbia aerospace and aviation sector. To be recognized in this 75th anniversary year of the Council is a testament to the strong roots of the industry in the province and of its enduring tradition of innovation boosted by BCAC,” said Gabe Batstone, CEO, NGRAIN.

“To its customers and partners in the defense and aviation sector NGRAIN delivers dynamic, interactive and results-driven training and performance support for equipment maintainers and operators. Going forward, NGRAIN’s 3D visualization technology and the products we develop will continue to accelerate the ability of organizations to capture, understand, and share knowledge to improve operations and make timely decisions,” added Mr. Batstone.

About BCAC

The British Columbia Aviation Council, established in 1938, is a member-driven organization that represents and promotes the shared interests of the aviation community. Aviation is critical to growing the BC economy and the aviation sector supports British Columbians in their everyday lives. It is the job of the BCAC, in partnership with members, stakeholders, and the community, to positively influence the well-being of British Columbia’s aviation sector. It is only by innovating and finding new ways to work together will we see a visible, connected, and thriving aviation and aerospace industry in BC. The British Columbia Aviation Council is a charitable society established under the Society Act.


NGRAIN® provides interactive 3D visualization technology and software based on its patented voxel-based 3D rendering engine. Offering development platforms and authoring tools, NGRAIN enables organizations to accelerate decisions by interacting with the world’s data in 3D. Transforming the way people share knowledge, NGRAIN is in use by organizations worldwide.

For additional information, please contact:

Nadia Ballard, Product Marketing Manager, NGRAIN

+1 (407) 545-7344