Vancouver, Canada – October 30, 2013 — NGRAIN® announced today that it released Constructor™ 5.1, the latest update to its voxel-based 3D visualization software development kit (SDK). Constructor enables developers to rapidly create interactive 3D apps, visualizations, and simulations using NGRAIN’s patented, voxel-based 3D rendering engine. This newest version of the product, available for a free evaluation, delivers a number of powerful enhancements that provide developers with even greater flexibility and speed, including:

  • Polyline rendering: Combines voxels with other geometric data, allowing for the rendering of 3D line segments with varying widths, styles, and color properties and interaction with them in 3D applications.
  • Perspective camera view: Supports perspective camera views in addition to Constructor’s orthographic view capabilities. The new optimizations for perspective rendering make Constructor perform even better in large-scale visualization environments such as CAVEs and 3D stereo displays.
  • Scene hierarchy: Supports the creation of multiple scenes and scene hierarchy, enabling the subdivision of complex scenes into different parts, so they can be handled separately.
  • More flexible conversion module: Enables the fusion of data from diverse sources, such as polygonal meshes, point data or polyline formats, into a single NGRAIN format.
  • Performance improvements: Achieve faster overall rendering performance from the enhanced rendering engine which now takes advantage of the latest optimization tools and techniques. The conversion module also performs better due to data input optimization.
  • .NET 4.5 support: Support for newer versions of .NET allows users of Constructor to build applications within the .NET framework.

Constructor can be leveraged for a broad range of applications that visualize input from sensor data, including the real-time visualization of massive data sets for aerospace & defence, medical informatics, and emergency preparedness. NGRAIN customers have used Constructor SDK to develop demanding industrial 3D visualization applications in a variety of fields, including planning, manufacturing, field support, and oil & gas exploration and extraction. NGRAIN’s own engineering team has used Constructor internally to develop the industry’s first interactive 3D Virtual Damage Repair and Tracking™ solution for Lockheed Martin’s F-35 and F-22 aircraft.

Download a free copy of Constructor SDK 5.1 from the NGRAIN website.


NGRAIN® provides interactive 3D visualization technology and software based on its patented voxel-based 3D rendering engine. Offering development platforms and authoring tools, NGRAIN enables organizations to accelerate decisions by interacting with the world’s data in 3D.

For additional information, please contact:

Nadia Ballard, Product Marketing Manager, NGRAIN

+1 (407) 545-7344