Constructor 5.0 brings knowledge and big data to life using voxels

Rome, Italy (ITEC) – May 22nd, 2013 – NGRAIN® announced today that it is releasing Constructor™ 5.0, a 3D visualization software development kit (SDK). Constructor enables developers to rapidly create interactive 3D apps, visualizations, and simulations using NGRAIN’s patented, voxel-based 3D rendering engine. This newest version of the product delivers a number of powerful enhancements, including multi-core processor support, and enables customers to take full advantage of the unique capabilities of voxels to deliver rich, interactive 3D experiences containing billions of voxels.

“As more and more organizations take advantage of the big data at their disposal, 3D visualization has become central to unleashing the power of big data to make better decisions faster. With the release of Constructor 5.0, we want to create new visualization opportunities and build upon the proven track record of success that our customers have experienced with our core technology,” says Andrew Woo, Chief Technology Officer, NGRAIN.

Constructor can be leveraged for a broad range of applications, including the real-time visualization of massive data sets, intelligence gathering, mission rehearsal, medical diagnostics, and emergency preparedness. The product has also been successfully used by NGRAIN customers for a variety of demanding industrial visualization applications, including planning, manufacturing, field support, and mining. In addition, NGRAIN’s engineering team used Constructor internally to develop the industry’s first interactive 3D Virtual Damage Repair and Tracking™ solution for Lockheed Martin’s F-35 and F-22 aircraft.

Voxel-Based Technology Capabilities

Constructor is based on a patented data structure that is optimized for the interactive use of voxels. Voxels are essentially 3D pixels – they have a third Z-coordinate in addition to X and Y coordinates. This makes them ideal for digitally representing many kinds of real-world objects in 3D. By their nature, voxels contain volume: they have both a surface and a core.  With relative ease and simplicity, NGRAIN technology can support cross-sectioning of virtually any model and the development of simulations and visualizations requiring on-the-fly adjustments.

Constructor 5.0 is the only commercial-grade rendering engine and SDK that makes it easy for 3D app developers and researchers to rapidly create interactive applications using voxels. Unlike voxel-based game engines, NGRAIN’s SDK is highly optimized for 3D visualization and simulation of massive volumetric data sets for large scale scientific analysis, research, and development. Constructor comes with support for 32 bit and 64 bit application development, which enables the SDK to support rendering on a variety of platforms – from legacy machines to mobile devices to high-end 3D simulation environments.

Additional Product Features

Constructor 5.0 is a complete end-to-end voxel-based rendering platform that offers:

  • A high performance voxel rendering core: Render compelling interactive visualizations of massive data sets containing billions of voxels in real-time, from highly detailed 3D models to point clouds to abstract, multi-dimensional data and more.
  • A first-class API and development framework: An extensible API makes it easy to develop highly customized 3D solutions. Constructor supports .NET and C++.
  • Helper classes, interfaces and methods that support common workflows and behaviors: Useful functionality such as actions and selections, camera manipulation, and 3D conversion are encapsulated in the SDK.
  • Virtually unlimited attributes and support for per-voxel manipulation: Encapsulate, visualize, and interact with multiple data attributes within each and every voxel.
  • Full developer support: NGRAIN provides extensive developer support for the Constructor SDK through documentation, code samples, tutorials, and one-on-one guidance on an as-needed basis. To learn how to get started with Constructor 5.0, watch this video tutorial on YouTube.


NGRAIN® provides interactive 3D visualization technology and software based on its patented voxel-based 3D rendering engine. Offering development platforms and authoring tools, NGRAIN is focused on solving business problems while delivering value. Transforming the way people share knowledge, NGRAIN is in use by organizations worldwide.

For additional information, please contact:

Nadia Ballard, Product Marketing Manager, NGRAIN

+1 (407) 545-7344