This is a blog entry from RealViz, Inc., Tokyo, Japan, a solutions provider that uses NGRAIN.



Did you know NGRAIN Producer Pro is contributing to the maintenance training of Japanese Air Force One? We at RealViz, Inc. are excited to tell you about our experience for the Japanese Air ForceOne project.


About Japanese Air Force One aircraft, B747-400

Two Japanese Air Force One aircraft, B747-400 has been aimed at the Japan VIP air transportation mission since 1991. After JASDF (Japanese Air Self-Defense Force) was assigned to the VIP air transport mission, they have carried out their missions including such dignitaries as the Japanese Emperor and Prime Minister.

landingearPilots, cabin attendants and maintenance crews are of course, JASDF officials. Using NGRAIN Producer Pro, RealViz, Inc. has delivered 3D training content for the maintenance crews assigned to the Japanese Air Force One aircraft.


The 3D training content using NGRAIN’s technology

All maintenance crews have traditionally been educated based on text book instruction. After completion of text book instruction, they then move to real equipment to finalize their training.  The Japanese Air Force One maintenance crews did not have sufficient time to complete traditional text book training due to their busy missions. They demanded more effective training and NGRAIN Producer Pro resolved this problem!

The Japanese Air Force One maintenance training program used 3D training instructional content and visualization of 3D models provided via NGRAIN Producer Pro.  The maintenance training content works smoothly on all computing platforms, including notebooks and tablets.  In order to have access to all interactive 3D maintenance procedural content quickly, maintainers and instructors now bring a notebook computer from the classroom to the aircraft.  By conducting hands-on training with 3D training content in/at the aircraft, training effectiveness and user knowledge has increased.  In addition, aircraft crew also use these notebooks for self-training and rehearsal in aircraft during their mission.

There are two great features of the 3D training contents created with NGRAIN Producer Pro;

  • A maintenance procedure trainer that provides the training for major parts of the aircraft work through simulated rehearsal in 3D. By repeatedly doing this training within simulation, enhanced skills and greater retention of training material is achieved by crew members.
  • 3D animation visualizes the flow of hydraulic, fuel, air in its internal equipment.

This allows crew members to understand easily the principle of operation of the system visually and efficiently. It’s an essential tool for the crew of the Japanese Air Force One team.

Maintenance crews who are selected by JASDF have a high-laeveled knowledge and experience of aircraft. They admire our 3D training content created with NGRAIN Producer Pro because it is intuitive and therefore, very easy to understand. They also feel that 3D training content is an excellent training manual for basic crew to senior crew members, such as the crew of Japanese Air Force One. It has effective educational results. For example seeing 3D animation created by NGRAIN Producer Pro, the senior crew who has experience and knowledge can understand its system without complex explanation, resulting in reduced teaching hours.

By our effective education using our 3D training content created by NGRAIN Producer Pro, we continue to provide the early upbringing of the maintenance crews who accomplish VIP airlift maintenance support missions.

NGRAIN Producer Pro continues to create valuable contributions to Japanese Air Force One maintenance training team.