Claims, pricing, and underwriting in record time using photos and AI.

1. Take photos

Instead of reviewing an asset or property by hand, capture photos from a smartphone, drone, or other source.

2. AI-based analysis

Submit photos for processing and NGRAIN’s AI uses computer vision to analyze them, identifying and measuring features of interest.

3. Complete estimates

Receive accurate estimates, measurements, and other data ready for claim submission or straight-through processing.

Automatically process photos in seconds

NGRAIN offers the only photo-based analytics solution that provides 100% objective, accurate damage assessments, measurements, and estimates backed by NGRAIN’s expert AI.

  • Close claims faster than ever before

    Expedite the processing of routine claims and free your image desk to handle exceptional cases requiring human attention.

  • Enable self-service applications

    Opportunities for mobile, customer-submitted photos offer new, convenient ways for your customers to submit claims and repair requests.

  • Proper appraisals every time

    NGRAIN's AI-based estimation platform ensures that every appraisal is done to the same exact level of quality.

Objective estimate validation

NGRAIN can use photos to verify that the estimates you receive from repair experts are accurate and consistent with the estimates offered for other similarly damaged assets. It’s like having a helping hand from a desk adjuster with perfect memory, enabling you to continuously ensure that proper amounts are being assessed and risk of overpayment is managed.

Auto Physical Damage (APD) assessment

With photos detailing vehicle panels or collisions, NGRAIN can automatically identify, measure, and assess the severity of specific damage features, whether cosmetic or structural, pairing those measurements with other data to generate reliable estimates and damage reports on demand. Instead of potentially waiting for days to receive an estimate, a determination can be in the hands of adjusters in minutes.

Pricing, risk assessment, and fraud

With experience working on damage assessment solutions from four-door sedans to advanced stealth fighters, NGRAIN can use photos and other forms of imagery in a variety of ways to help you document and assess damage faster and more accurately than ever before. In addition to automatically creating estimates, we can help you use imagery to inform pricing, assess risk, and manage fraud.

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