NGRAIN products power the most demanding applications in the enterprise

Proven in the most challenging field environments by the most demanding customers in the world, NGRAIN is the most versatile augmented reality and interactive 3D technology platform for industrial applications. NGRAIN brings together a next-generation 3D volumetric rendering engine with integrated authoring software and desktop, mobile, and wearable apps that connect specialists in the field to the right information at the right time.

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Create augmented reality and interactive 3D content without writing a single line of code.

Producer Pro lets you import 3D content from virtually any source and link it to data of all kinds, such as part specifications, inventory information, images, videos, instructional content, and more. All content is authored in a simple, easy-to-learn graphical user interface. Deploy your content to tablets, mobile devices, smart glasses, PDFs, and Microsoft Office documents with just a single click.

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All driven by the world’s most powerful 3D volumetric rendering engine.

At the heart of the NGRAIN platform is an SDK and patented 3D volumetric rendering engine, capable of visualizing massive amounts of data in mobile, wearable, desktop, and immersive virtual environments. Only NGRAIN uses voxels, or 3D pixels akin to digital grains of sand, to represent 3D objects in virtual and augmented reality. Unlike conventional polygonal graphics, NGRAIN visualizes more than just the surfaces of objects; NGRAIN shows you the detail inside.

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NGRAIN is augmented reality and interactive 3D for the enterprise


NGRAIN presents your workforce in the field with the data they need at a glance so they can make crucial decisions.


Used today in the field and around the world, NGRAIN is ready to tackle your demanding applications.

No code, single click

NGRAIN makes it effortless to create and deploy augmented reality and interactive 3D applications across your business.


With support for iOS, Android, and Windows, NGRAIN can be deployed anywhere, from mobile and wearable devices to desktops and immersive virtual environments.


With NGRAIN, you develop once and deploy multiple times and multiple ways across the enterprise, providing the right information, to the right people, at the right time.