NGRAIN provides powerful applications built for your industrial needs

Through augmented reality and interactive 3D, NGRAIN makes it possible to optimize the performance of your people, your machines, and the interactions between them. With NGRAIN industrial applications, your workforce achieves peak performance, maximizing productivity while managing risk and eliminating costly mistakes. Provide tools that will allow your workforce to evaluate damage to equipment and plan for repairs on site. Help your technicians get feedback in real-time on whether an assembly has been installed properly. Ensure your equipment is always operating within strict tolerances. All of these and more are possible with NGRAIN.

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Visual inspection and damage assessment

NGRAIN Consort is an interactive 3D application that powers streamlined design inspections, quality control reviews, repair planning, and sustainment activities across your organization. Combine digital information about an assembly, vehicle, or other complex equipment with the actual machinery. Using innovative interactive augmented reality and virtual 3D, inspectors and technicians can directly annotate areas of concern, review maintenance histories, and plan for repairs on the spot.

Field performance and operational support

NGRAIN Envoy is a virtual 3D and augmented reality application that eliminates the inefficiencies in field-based operations today. By providing on-demand access to crucial equipment information and field-based data, your specialists in the field can make critical decisions in real time and collaborate with other field teams and colleagues remotely. Live updates to operational variables can be monitored at all times. Valuable knowledge captured in the field can be instantly assessed and disseminated to others, improving operational efficiency, asset management, and logistics planning.

Manufacturing analytics and real-time guidance

NGRAIN Scout is a 3D visual analytics application that supports real-time visual analysis and real-time decision making in manufacturing execution environments. Floor supervisors can access data at a glance, including current state, product lifecycle data, supply chain, and inventory information. Through a combination of augmented reality and interactive 3D experiences, every worker on the shop floor is always ready to act on work orders and rapidly changing operating conditions, to ensure that manufacturing activities are operating a maximum effectiveness.

NGRAIN industrial applications are in use by Fortune 500 companies all around the world.

Lockheed Martin

Learn how Lockheed Martin uses NGRAIN to power maintenance, repair, and sustainment activities for the F-35 and F-22 fighter programs.


NGRAIN is transforming the world of manufacturing execution alongside Convergent Manufacturing and the Boeing Company through the use of innovative 3D visual analytics technology.