Create augmented reality and interactive 3D content for use across your business without writing any code.

NGRAIN Vergence

NGRAIN Vergence makes it incredibly easy to develop and deploy augmented reality and interactive 3D content across your business.

With its simple and easy-to-learn graphical user interface, NGRAIN Vergence lets you import 3D content from virtually any source, and link it to data of all kinds, including part specifications, inventory information, images, videos, instructional content, and more. Deploy your content directly to NGRAIN Iris, available as a free download for the Apple iPad, and other tablets, mobile devices, smart glasses, PDFs, and Microsoft Office documents in the field with just a single click.

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Key Benefits

Reuse your existing content

Get a head start by leveraging the 3D content you already have. Content can be brought into NGRAIN Vergence from virtually every major 3D format in use today, including MAX, Maya, Inventor, CATIA, Creo, and SolidWorks. NGRAIN Vergence also has direct support for 3D point clouds from sources such as LiDAR, depth cameras, and laser scanners.

Develop once, deploy everywhere

Once content has been authored with NGRAIN Vergence, it can be deployed for use in the field on laptops, mobile devices, tablets, and wearable smart glasses. That same content can also be embedded without any further work in interactive technical manuals (IETMs), Microsoft Word and Powerpoint documents, Adobe PDFs, and Web-based instructional courseware.

Incredible compression

The NGRAIN format is incredibly efficient, achieving compression rates of up to 98% when compared to the original source content without loss of detail. Source 3D content that would otherwise be too large to be deployed for use in the field becomes easily portable for use in mobile environments.

Unlimited deployment

NGRAIN lets you choose how you want to deploy your interactive virtual and augmented reality content. Once created with NGRAIN Vergence, your content can be deployed to as many devices or users in your organization as you see fit. There are no additional fees or costs for deployment.

Key Features

Interact with thousands of parts

3D models authored with NGRAIN Vergence can be made up of thousands of individual parts simultaneously, down to the last individual screw, nut, or bolt in an assembly. Each part can be interacted with individually and can have unique attributes that distinguish it from every other part in the model.

Link parts to multiple data sources

Every part in your NGRAIN content can also be linked to an unlimited number of data sources, including media such as audio, videos, images, documents, and live feeds including Web-based content, databases, live sensors, and enterprise asset and inventory management systems.

Develop animations in minutes, not days

Create sophisticated keyframe animations that show your equipment or industrial assets in action. Animated constraints make it a snap to populate your virtual and augmented reality experiences with realistic movements for assemblies such as the hinges on a door, the pistons in a turbine, or the articulated arm on a crane.

Author step-by-step procedures and tasks

Develop animated step-by-step instructions that show your specialists in the field not just what tasks need to be done, but also how they should be done. Text callouts and labels can be added to draw the attention of your specialists in the field to special notes or warnings.

Create interactive cut-aways and cross-sections

Add additional detail to your knowledge by allowing your users to see what’s inside the model and the relationships of assemblies and systems to each other using interactive cross-sections in any dimension.

Integrate with SCORM compliant systems

NGRAIN Vergence supports SCORM-compliant 3D content, which can be used to link and re-use NGRAIN content within instructional learning management systems and other next generation content management environments.

Visualize models in full detail, as line drawings, or as interactive x-rays

Once in the NGRAIN format, 3D content can be visualized as fully-detailed solids, as sche- matic line drawings, or even as interactive x-ray diagrams. Line drawings can be used to create interactive schematics for use in technical manuals. X-ray mode can be used to see what a solid model looks like on the inside.

Straight to augmented reality or interactive 3D applications

With a single click, content can be deployed straight out for use with NGRAIN Iris as augmented reality or interactive 3D experiences in the field. NGRAIN content can also be deployed in IETMs, Microsoft Word and Powerpoint documents, Adobe PDFs, and Web-based content.

System Requirements

Operating system: Microsoft Windows Vista, Windows 7, or Windows 8 (64-bit)

Memory: 1 GB RAM recommended

Processor: 1.4 GHz 64-bit (x64) processor or equivalent

Display: 1024 x 768 resolution with 16 or 32-bit color depth

Microsoft Visual C++ 2012 redistributable (64-bit)

Microsoft .NET 4.5 framework

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