This is a blog entry from Kalibre Group, a solutions provider that uses NGRAIN.



Producer Pro: A Productive Tool to Develop 3D Applications for Knowledge Sharing

We develop contents for documentation and training, and would like to share how Producer Pro has been a highly productive 3D development tool. One of our clients is a Singapore-based aerospace MRO company, operating in the Americas, Asia Pacific and Europe. They have proprietary repair instructions for certain aircraft components. With the aim to retain the specialized repair knowledge developed by the senior technicians and to share it with the junior technicians, they sourced for solutions that can document the procedures realistically and found Producer a viable tool.

We convert the components’ model files to NGRAIN format for content development. We then embed the 3D models with parts data and create procedural animations by simply composing key frames, with no coding required. The ease of creating and editing 3D contents, with the ability to develop confidential contents in-house, are the key reasons we and the clients adopt Producer.

Users find it easy to understand the animated procedures. Next, we’ll be working on contents with augmented reality capability for use in mobile devices – to enable users to access repair data easily. And this can be done with Producer using existing 3D models.

The client is glad that they have a cost effective system to document, update and disseminate the repair knowledge.