This is a blog entry from Simulus Interactive Learning, a solutions provider that uses NGRAIN.



Simulus Interactive Learning, based in London, UK, needed to provide one of our clients, a global aviation company, with a courseware development solution that delivered classroom training but at the same time provide the ability to demonstrate and examine equipment is real detail whilst not going to the expense of purchasing real equipment or part task trainers. We proposed using a blend of tradition static graphics, media and NGRAIN Virtual Task Trainers built using NGRAIN Producer Pro to be embedded in Microsoft PowerPoint. Our client provided Simulus Interactive Learning with traditional CAD models and we then built Virtual Task Trainers using that CAD and the maintenance procedure manuals.

Using NGRAIN Producer Pro provided us with a solution that delivered the ability to develop a large number of Virtual Task Trainers that are easily deployed, in this case embedded within PowerPoint. Using NGRAIN Producer Pro meant that we could develop highly interactive 3D task trainers that reflect all of the procedures and asks in the manufacturer’s maintenance manual, at a fraction of the costs of using real equipment, whilst still delivering massive levels of detail. Using CAD as the basis of models with NGRAIN Producer Pro was efficient and has delivered the customer a solution that provides enormous levels of interactivity, reduced costs over the life of the programme and has made the courseware easy to manage and maintain for both the customer and Simulus Interactive Learning.