Cutting-edge artificial intelligence delivers measurable results that outperform manual assessments.

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Complete damage assessment solutions. Expedite inspections, reduce costs, and eliminate risk.

Capture high-resolution 3D imagery

Your assessments start by capturing a 3D point cloud, a point-perfect rendition of a target asset, using a 3D scanner. Fast, high-resolution sensors generate hundreds of thousands of discrete data points each second. With the right setup, even details smaller than 1mm (1/10th of an inch) can be captured. Working with metrology-grade laser, structured light, and photogrammetric technologies, we will help you choose the right setup for your inspections.

Scans are easy to take, and can even be fully automated for a complete, hands-free process. Scan data can be saved onsite for local access, or securely uploaded to the NGRAIN Cloud for remote analysis and reporting.

NGRAIN’s AI goes to work

Using a proprietary expert AI engine developed in-house, NGRAIN’s damage assessment platform evaluates every point that makes up a 3D point cloud, hunting for features that resemble damage or conformance issues. The NGRAIN AI engine simultaneously evaluates hundreds of variables to accurately pinpoint features of interest.

Unlike the traditional “scan-to-CAD” inspection approaches often employed in metrology circles, NGRAIN eliminates the need for a CAD model and works on virtually any asset, making it viable to automate damage assessments when there is no CAD model available, or tolerances are so tight that a scan-to-CAD approach would be impractical.

The bottom line: NGRAIN enables completely objective damage assessments with results that outperform the same inspections done by hand.

Make determinations on demand

Once scans are complete, NGRAIN provides intelligent analysis tools that offer tremendous flexibility in how the results can be used. Whether hosted locally or in the cloud:

  • Inspectors can interact with 3D visualizations that enable the qualified assessment of issues on-the-spot
  • Summary results can be generated and shared with others
  • Business rules can be triggered to make fully automated decisions, such as the automatic generation of a repair claim for a vehicle

NGRAIN solutions go beyond reporting results: instead of simply reporting potential differences, the NGRAIN platform can characterize quality and condition in context, enabling you to know not just what the condition of an asset is, but also why these concerns may matter to you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

It depends: choice of scanner, resolution needed, condition of the inspection environment, and size of the asset are just a few of the variables that influence inspection time. With the right setup, inspections can be done very efficiently. Our team will work with you to get a complete understanding of what kind of performance can be achieved.

Only NGRAIN combines 3D with artificial intelligence to directly analyze 3D data for features of interest without the need for a reference nominal.

The metrology industry has deployed 3D scanners to facilitate inspections for many years, but nearly all of these setups require the use of a “reference model” such as CAD, which is aligned with a 3D point cloud to determine differences between what an asset looks like and what it should look like.

This has become a barrier to entry for many inspection applications. First, it’s very rare, if ever, that any real-world object matches its CAD perfectly. Second, it isn’t always possible or practical to obtain the CAD that accurately represents a target asset for inspection. Third, computing a proper alignment and comparison can be incredibly time-consuming, sometimes taking many hours (and many attempts) to get right.

With NGRAIN’s expert AI approach, inspections can be done on any target asset in any environment, and fully objective inspections can be done in settings where they used to be impossible.

Our platform outperforms inspections done by hand, often catching issues that a manual inspection might miss when performance is compared side-by-side. For applications requiring specific levels of precision and accuracy, performance can be optimized and configured to meet your specific needs.
Please get in touch with us if you’re interested in getting more details on pricing. We know that no two businesses or inspection scenarios are alike, and we offer a number of flexible options based on how a solution will be configured, deployed, and used.