Setting up the meeting room for motion capture demo with Wavesine Solutions

A couple of weeks back we hosted a YVAR Vancouver Augmented Reality meetup event at NGRAIN HQ. The title of the event was “Using depth cameras to blend real and virtual worlds” and it was delivered by David Clement from Wavesine Solutions.

David discussed and demonstrated the integration of technologies including:

The result:

  • A virtual/augmented reality experience
  • Without motion sickness due to open peripheral vision in the headset
  • With the ability to walk around physically and have that mirrored in the virtual environment
  • With the ability to reach forwards and see your own hands

The mind races with use cases…

What struck me most was how quickly a few thousand dollars worth of software and hardware could be deployed into our office environment in order to create a high precision, low latency motion tracking system. This technology is plenty accessible for early adopters.

20140709_171252_HDR 20140709_171238

The next YVAR event will be a Birds of a Feather session at SIGGRAPH 2014 Vancouver. Hope to see you there!

Example of, though not an exact match, the headset: